Only fear the LORD and serve Him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things He has done for you. ~1 Samuel 12:24

The God’s Gals Tribe is a members-only home for like minded godly women who are ready to make a change in their lives, join a community, and put God first in their lives.

Why We Need Daily God-Time – YOU have spoken!

I know you! I know how you feel and I have spoken to a huge number of you…
* You have no time
* You’re overwhelmed
* You need a life change, but how to start??
* Need daily accountability
* No motivation or even know why to do this
* You need a community of like-minded godly friends

The God’s Gals Tribe will walk you through step by step exactly WHY and HOW to make daily God-time a priority. No more guessing what to do and wasting so much time. I will hold you hand every day and tell you exactly what to do and how. I can promise you, with consistent time with God, Blessings will POUR Down over your life!!

Why We Need Daily God-Time - YOU have spoken!

You’ve struggled for years with the overwhelm of daily “God-time”  I am taking away the “overwhelm” and giving you the exact plan of what to do each day

You don’t even know where to start in the Bible, I am going to give you the exact verse to read and study

Join me everyday for a quick devotional via video and audio.  I’ll make this short and sweet and to the point, so you won’t be taking up hours of your time

Each month we will have a live video session for Q&A as well as prayer time

Each month we will focus on a new topic and I will even let you ladies choose in future months, what topic you want to address.  I will do a monthly teaching via video with the monthly topic

Joining the God’s Gals Tribe will instantly give you a private community of fellow sisters in Christ.  We are all in this together and can help each other in times of need and also accountability

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

~Matt 6:33

I want to share with you my vision for the God’s Gals Tribe
If you are looking to grow your faith in the Lord and learn how to put Him first every single day, the God’s Gals Tribe is here to help you every step of the way. We offer daily Bible study, exact plan of what to do each day, daily devotionals, monthly teachings and live prayer time and most importantly, community. If growing your relationship with God and completely transforming your life, is your desire, the God’s Gals Tribe is for YOU!

Who is the God’s Gals Tribe for?

  • You believe in God
  • You want to put God first, but no idea how to start
  • Very busy lady
  • Can’t add one more thing to your plate
  • Ready for a life change; just not content where you are
  • The thought of daily “prayer time” seems so overwhelming
  • You need new friends, a community of godly women
  • Accountability in your daily walk with God would be super helpful
  • You need a plan – when, how, where, etc…

Who is the God’s Gals Tribe NOT for?

  • Your spiritual walk is not that important to you
  • You already have an incredible morning routine just for God
  • You read the Bible daily and have it down to an exact science
  • You don’t need a community of godly women
  • You don’t need accountability
bible on a bed with coffee

Membership Has It’s Perks!

Imagine what your life could be like if you finally made God a priority daily

  • Daily Plan of exactly HOW you will fit God into your busy schedule
  • Daily Scripture, so no more flipping aimlessly through the Bible or just forgoing it all together
  • Daily Devotionals in video format
  • Monthly teachings on topics that you NEED the most and professionals brought in to teach on these topics
  • Live Q & A, as well as Live prayer time
  • The ability to create a profile in a private community to meet new girlfriends from around the globe
  • Share prayer requests and praises in a private community
  • FREE copy of my book, Journaling Faith and Feelings into Action (annual plan)
  • 10% OFF our extremely popular Christian Women’s Wellness Retreat (annual plan)
  • 2 Months FREE!!! (annual plan)

God’s Gals Retreat
Christian Women’s Wellness

As a perk of joining the God’s Gals Tribe, you get 10% OFF our annual retreat* (annual plan only)
In the month of October, we will be heading to the gorgeous Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard in the north Georgia mountains. This truly is a life-changing retreat where we will be focusing on life application of how to create a new daily habit to change your habit. In addition to that, we will focus on Christian Yoga classes, adding prayer into our stretching, nutrition, fitness, mindset work, and FUN!

God's Gals RetreatChristian Women's Wellness

Become a Member of God’s Gals Tribe

Monthly Plan
  • Daily “God-time” plan
  • Daily bible assignment
  • Daily devotionals
  • Monthly Q&As and prayer
  • Monthly teachings
  • Community for members only
  • FREE, only for a limited time!!
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